Amelia Anne Photography
The Experience



This experience is all about you! So, the first thing we want to do is get to know you… the real you! During your phone calls with our Discovery Consultant, we will discover the moments that will inspire your session. We believe every family, and each individual within that family is unique. Therefore, we are purposeful as we delve into uncovering each personality and relationship to find those tender moments that need to be celebrated, but often go unnoticed. By the time we are done, we will have learned about you and the relationships with your loved ones, and have a clear vision on how to bring your story to life in photographs.

During your calls, we will also discuss customized Art Work for your home. We know that each client’s needs are different and we help you tailor products specifically for your home, providing you with a personalized quote for your Art Work.


We take everything we’ve learned about you and your loved ones and we celebrate all those special things. Don’t worry about making everything perfect, because it is in the imperfection we really find our true selves. The location for your session isn’t nearly as important as your loved ones. If there is a specific location that has special importance to you, please let us know. The rocking chair in your child’s room, where you rock him to sleep every night; the cafe where you had your first date; the library, where you spent all your time together before you realized you were in love. We can take photos just about anywhere!


The big reveal! This is the exciting part…this is what all the hard work and preparation has been leading up to! Your photos will be revealed to you in a cinematic presentation in our studio. Together, we will design timeless pieces of Art to be displayed throughout your home, to be treasured for generations to come.

Once your luxury custom Art Work is received, you and your loved ones can now enjoy them each day and be reminded of your unique story and love you have for one another.